Sunday, August 2, 2009

Quiet Please!

As a massage therapist, I cherish my own appointment when I get to be the recipient. Ahhh, time to relax and have a little TLC for my body, mind, and spirit. Well, I need to address what has happened to me on occasion when I visit a massage therapist especially in a spa setting. Perhaps this is something you also have unfortunately experienced during a massage session.

Recently I was getting a 90 minute massage by redeeming a gift certificate at a place that will remain nameless.. The therapist's technique on my neck was fabulous and I began drifting into a lovely relaxation zone. Goodbye ringing phones, noisy toddler, barking dogs, neighbor's lawn mower.....until "Wow, you were really zoned out there! " exclaims my therapist, jolting me back to reality. "Uh, huh" I slurred sleepily, hoping she would get the hint that I really was there to relax. I wanted to blurt out "I have never met you before and no, I don't want to chat during a massage, don't want to hear about your pet, your boyfriend, or how tired you are after massaging 5 clients before me". I even had written that I liked quiet on my intake history form! Even though the therapist's skill was great, the lack of attentiveness to my need to relax almost cancelled out the whole benefit of getting a massage in the first place.

If you want a therapist that is seen and not heard, visit At Peace Therapeutic Massage, where you can truly be at peace.

Jennifer Nordin, MTP