Thursday, January 3, 2013

NEW Oils For Wellness Relaxation & Resource Room is OPEN!

Happy New Year from At Peace Therapeutic Massage! I am excited to announce that my business location has E X P A N D E D into Suite 10, adjacent to the massage studio in Suite 5. Why a relaxation and resource room? I have always desired that my clients' appointments not only be for wellness and therapy, but a uniquely tranquil respite for the soul as well. Here are some respectful requests to enjoy this new quiet room:

  • Come early or stay after your appointment for some needed "down time".
  • Use the room for reading, prayer, hand crafts, journaling, a short nap
  • Savor a cup of tea, water, or juice (available soon)
  • Purchase Wildtree natural foods and Young Living Essential Oils products, these sales help make this space possible. 
  • Any kind of cell phone, iPod, Kindle, or laptop use in this quiet room, it is strictly reserved as a "no screen zone"!  :)
  • Bring in children under the age of 12 even if attended by an adult
  • Have loud or lively conversations with other guests, massage is in session next door.
  • Wear perfumes, colognes, scented body sprays or lotions
May you be blessed and At Peace in 2013,